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Laterite conducts full-cycle research projects in East Africa, West Africa and Latin America.

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Laterite was founded in Rwanda in 2010, and Kigali remains our oldest and largest office, both in terms of team size and portfolio of work. The Rwanda team works across all our key sectors with a focus on education, public health and early childhood development.

Capacity statement: Laterite Rwanda PDF (2 MB)

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Addis Ababa


Laterite Ethiopia was founded in 2016 and Addis Ababa is one of our fastest growing offices. Our project portfolio in Ethiopia ranges from data collection, full-cycle research assessments, to long-term monitoring and evaluation partnerships. The Ethiopia team works across all Laterite’s key sectors, with a focus on agriculture and livelihoods.

Capacity statement: Laterite Ethiopia PDF (2 MB)

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Laterite Kenya opened in 2018. Our office in Nairobi leads a range of public health projects, as well as long-term learning partnerships in the areas of agriculture and nutrition, and coffee farming and education. The team has also delivered a range of data collection projects, from school observations to phone surveys with refugee households.

Capacity statement: Laterite Kenya PDF (2 MB)

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Laterite opened an office in Kampala in 2018. The Uganda team has since managed some of our largest data collection projects and phone surveys on topics spanning coffee agronomy and sexual and reproductive health. They are also active contributors to our learning partnerships.

Capacity statement: Laterite Uganda PDF (3 MB)

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Dar es Salaam


Laterite Tanzania started operations in 2021 with an office in Dar es Salaam. Since then, the Tanzania team has worked on a large-scale survey of 5,000 village-based advisors and is working on projects in the fields of education, agriculture and employment skills development.

Capacity statement: Laterite Tanzania PDF (3 MB)

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Sierra Leone

Laterite Sierra Leone started operations in 2023. Our office in Freetown is Laterite’s first step in West Africa and will build on our 12+ years of experience of research and data collection. Since then, our Freetown office has been using innovative techniques to study education outcomes in the region.

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We are in the process of expanding our knowledge and expertise to a new region through Laterite Latin America. In 2024, we established an office in Lima, Peru.

Read our capacity statement in Spanish: Propuesta de Valor PDF (4 MB)

Amsterdam office


Our office in Amsterdam opened in 2017. The team based in the Netherlands leads our drive for innovation and provides technical support to the offices in Africa and Latin America. Our Dutch office is also a partner for research and development organizations interested in strengthening their learning and evaluation systems.