We are delighted to announce that Laterite Sierra Leone will be starting operations in March 2023 with a new office in Freetown.

Laterite is an African data collection and research firm specializing in projects for social impact. Honed over 12 years of experience in East Africa, our approach is structured, data intensive and embedded in the local context.

Laterite Sierra Leone will be our first office in West Africa, expanding our network of offices in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The new office is part of our mission to use rigorous and cutting-edge techniques to generate insights and evidence for social impact.

Our new presence in Sierra Leone builds on Laterite’s experience acquired through more than 100 projects with multilaterals, NGOs, development agencies and local governments. We are pleased to bring our services to West Africa and we are committed to becoming a trusted data collection and research partner in the region.

The Laterite Sierra Leone team is looking forward to supporting clients to carry out high-impact research projects in the country. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more or to speak to our team about new opportunities in Sierra Leone.


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