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Data collection

We provide experienced field teams, all the equipment and local knowledge to ensure high-quality primary data collection.

Why Laterite

Experienced teams

Our enumerators, field coordinators, moderators and translators have a track-record of success on multiple research projects with Laterite. All field staff is selected through a competitive process and are rigorously trained by our in-house data team.

Complex projects

Laterite manages all the logistics of large-scale surveys. We have experience with running complex data collection projects, involving thousands of respondents, in remote locations, or covering sensitive topics.

Focus on data quality

Our team specializes in coding surveys on electronic platforms working with the SurveyCTO platform as a proud member of the SurveyCTO partner program. We follow a rigorous approach to data quality, including built-in quality checks, back-checks and audio audits.

Our data services

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Large-scale surveys

Laterite can quickly mobilize a network of hundreds of enumerators, field coordinators and translators to implement quantitative data collection campaigns in East Africa.

In 2023, our enumerators spent more than 34,000 days in the field, conducting 49,000 interviews in 32,000 households using 145 survey instruments for projects in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Laterite has experience with fieldwork in remote locations and in complex projects covering sensitive topics or involving at-risk populations.

Qualitative data collection east africa

Qualitative data collection

Our data team includes field supervisors specialized in qualitative data projects. We have led focus group discussions, key informant interviews and semi-structured interviews as the main research instrument, or to provide nuance to quantitative findings.

In addition to data collection, our team can transcribe, translate, code and analyze the data from qualitative research instruments.

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Phone and SMS-based surveys

Laterite has the know-how, infrastructure and procedures in place to conduct full-scale data collection campaigns using phone surveys. In 2020, our team completed 20 remote data collection projects, most structured as high-frequency surveys, with multiple rounds. In 2023, more than 21,000 of our surveys were completed by phone.

Our team understands the implications of remote methodologies on sampling and survey instruments and we can advise on how to design, or adapt, research for this medium. We also have experience in developing and conducting SMS-based surveys and have successfully secured high-response rates using this methodology.

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Complex data collection methods

We specialize in mixed-methods data collection involving multiple instruments and methodologies. Past projects have included anthropometric and biometric measurements, early childhood development assessments, classroom observations and student learning assessments, behavioral games, and environmental exposure monitoring.