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Youth employment, social protection, migration and displaced communities, financial inclusion, urbanization

Youth employment

Laterite has extensive experience with projects focusing on personal trajectories and livelihoods in East Africa.

To date, this work has included research on careers paths for youth, evaluation of social protection programs, the social and economic impacts of urban development, and the dynamics of migration and integration of displaced people in host communities.

We have a special interest in understanding the impacts of climate change on urban and rural communities.

Examples of our work


Maastricht University and UNU-MERIT partnered with Laterite for the annual survey of refugees living in three refugee settlements in Kenya to provide insight into their food security, nutrition, livelihoods, and well-being. Case study.

Social protections

We worked with the World Bank on the evaluation of livelihoods component of the PSNP program in Ethiopia to assess if this pathway increases opportunities and boots self-sufficiency.


Laterite completed a study, including a survey of 1,594 households living in Kigali’s to understand the dynamics of unplanned settlements and the socioeconomic profile of its residents. Policy brief.

World Bank

Effects of COVID-19 on households

Laterite is working with the World Bank since 2020 on a high-frequency phone survey to study the impact of COVID-19 on households in Ethiopia. The first phase of this project included 12 rounds of data collection with a sample of 3,300 urban and rural households in Ethiopia, across all 11 regions of the country. The data was a key source used by the World Bank and other stakeholders to adapt policy and programs during the unfolding pandemic (World Bank project brief). In 2022, we started a second phase to bring insights on how families are dealing with the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia.

Blog post: Phone surveys to monitor the impact of COVID-19 in Ethiopia