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About Laterite

High-quality research services for social impact in East Africa.

Laterite offers end-to-end data, research and advisory services, from design to data collection and analysis.

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Introducing Laterite

From data to policy

Laterite is a data, research and technical advisory firm that helps clients understand and analyze complex development challenges. Based in East Africa, we offer tested data collection systems, a large pool of enumerators, an expert research and innovations team and a thorough understanding of the local context. This unique combination enables us to carry out full-cycle research projects, from design to data collection and analysis.

Making an impact
Our vision

Making an impact

We know that achieving impact doesn’t happen overnight. Our philosophy is that you need an excellent understanding of the local context to deliver sound advice that makes a difference. This requires building a local team, collecting high-quality primary data, understanding the context, and establishing close working relationships with key players. As a result, we only conduct research where we have a local presence.

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What drives us?

Transforming research

Laterite strives to make development research more rigorous and impactful. We are proudly anti-disciplinary, borrowing research techniques from econometrics as well as other fields. Our goal is to use innovative research technologies and methodologies in our project work. All our insights are based on empirical evidence.

Collaboration and learning
How do we work?

Collaboration and learning

We believe that working together and building the capacity of our teams and the organizations we work with is the best way to deliver high-quality research. We bring this collaborative spirit to our own teams: our research and data professionals work in the same offices, combining the ability to collect and process data with policy thinking and analysis. This synergy between our teams and our offices is one of our biggest assets.

Our strengths


Local knowledge

To deliver useful insights, you need to understand the context. That’s why we only work in countries where we have an office.

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Full-cycle support

With a roster of over 1,000 enumerators, and a team of over 60 full-time data and research professionals, Laterite supports research projects from start to finish.


Focus on quality

At Laterite, we work to build quality control into every step of the research process.


Ethics first

The safety and rights of our research participants come first. That means we only work on projects that are ethically sound.

Our sectors





Public health

Public health

Youth labor

Youth & livelihoods


Urbanization & migration


Gender & social protection


More about our work
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Map of Laterite offices in East Africa and Europe
Where we work

Laterite has offices in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and the Netherlands.

The majority of our staff are based in East Africa.

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