Policy and technical briefs

Policy brief

Understanding the gender divide in secondary school pass rates

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Technical brief
Laterite technical brief question order effects

Tackling question order effects to improve the accuracy of your survey

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Technical brief

Measurement error in survey data: what is it and why it matters

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Background brief
Teff farming in Ethiopia

Teff farming in Ethiopia: a literature review

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Policy brief
Gggi policy brief feb 2021

Ethiopian smallholder farmers’ willingness to pay for crop micro-insurance (2021)

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Policy brief
Gage policy brief aug 2020

Exploring adolescent girls’ and boys’ capabilities and the role of adolescent empowerment programming in Rwanda (2020)

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Policy brief
Economic geography policy brief

The economic geography of Rwandan cities (2020)

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Proof of concept
Markov chains cover

Using Markov Chains to predict trends in Rwanda’s school system (2020)

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Policy brief
Brief cover small

Understanding the dynamics of Kigali’s unplanned settlements (2019)

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Policy brief
Dropout and repetition brief

Factors and drivers of dropout and repetition in Rwandan schools (2019)

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Policy brief
Swt cover new

The school-to-work transition in sub-Saharan Africa: towards both formal and informal work (2019)

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Policy brief
Understanding rwanda export sector brief cover

Understanding Rwanda’s export sector (2012)

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