Academic papers

Jeie dec 2022

School leaders’ and teachers’ preparedness to support education in Rwanda during the COVID-19 emergency (2022)

Emma Carter, Artemio Arturo Cortez Ochoa, Philip Leonard, Samuel Nzaramba, and Pauline Rose

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Educational management administration & leadership 2022

Head teacher and government officials’ perceptions of teaching quality in secondary education in Rwanda (2022)

Authors: Emma Carter, Kangabe Bélise Hategeka & Nidhi Singal

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Food insecurity cover

Graduating from food insecurity: evidence from graduation projects in Burundi and Rwanda (2019)

Authors: Stephen Devereux, Keetie Roelen, Ricardo Sabates, Rachel Sabates-Wheeler, Dimitri Stoelinga & Arnaud Dyevre

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Paper 2015

The effect of monitoring: how data collection type and frequency boosts participation and the adoption of best practices in a coffee agronomy training program in Rwanda (2015)

Authors: Sachin Gathani, Maria Paula Gomez, Ricardo Sabates, Dimitri Stoelinga

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Paper proximity controls 2013

Export similarity networks and proximity control methods for comparative case studies (2013)

Authors: Sachin Gathani and Dimitri Stoelinga

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Paper innovative techniques 2013

Innovative techniques to evaluate the impact of private sector development reforms: an application to Rwanda and 11 other countries (2013)

Authors: Sachin Gathani, Massimiliano Santini and Dimitri Stoelinga

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