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We partner with organizations to bring evidence and learning to the center of decision-making.

Why Laterite


Our approach is data intensive. We work with local and international organizations to improve their research functions and help them learn from the data they collect.


What looks good on paper is not always practical. Our logistical know-how allows us to give pragmatic advice on project implementation, using the breadth of data collection and research capabilities on the team.


We engage in long term partnerships with clients to support the process of building learning systems and capabilities that allow organizations to generate the evidence they need to improve.

Our advisory services

Learning partnerships

We build long-term learning and research advisory partnerships with development organizations, NGOs, social enterprises, and government agencies. As a learning partner, Laterite supports organizations to design learning strategies that directly feed into their operations. Laterite can support the design of research and evaluation projects; train research teams in all stages of the monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) cycle; and provide additional research capabilities where needed.

Embedded advisors

Our embedded research advisory service empowers our clients to make the most out of their data. Through this service, we embed a Laterite researcher or team of researchers to work directly with the client’s research or MEL team.  Working closely together, we equip our clients with the tools to design and implement a rigorous research and learning agenda that helps further their mission.

Decision-focused research

A decision-focused research approach aims to build a tailored research and learning agenda that rapidly puts usable evidence in the hands of organizations. We co-design the approach with organizations based on their goals and capacities. Rather than being tied to a particular research methodology, this approach aims to help organizations make evidence-based decisions about project implementation, and ultimately deliver better products to their clients.