Ignite diagnostics tool

Adding a gender and nutrition lens to agricultural interventions

Laterite’s contribution to the IGNITE program.

IGNITE was a 5-year program implemented by Tanager set up to strengthen the capacity of African institutions to integrate nutrition-sensitive and gender-integrated approaches into their agriculture interventions and their way of doing business. Laterite was a learning partner on IGNITE, together with 60 Decibels. Laterite led the process to develop the program’s theory of change and learning agenda and provided M&E and research support to IGNITE’s stakeholders – African institutions focused on the agricultural sector.

Our contributions to the program included:

Gender-specific drivers of best practice adoption for teff farmers in Ethiopia

Sasakawa africa association

A mixed-methods research project designed with Sasakawa Africa Association to understand the drivers of decision-making among teff farmers, with a focus on gender factors influencing the adoption of agricultural best practices.

As part of this study, Laterite interviewed one man and woman in 555 households in the West Gojjam region of Amhara. The surveys were complemented by 9 focus group discussions and 12 in-depth interviews with farmers, and 4 key informant interviews with development agents and teff crop experts. Laterite led all aspects of the research project, including research instrument and methodology design, listing, recruiting and training moderators and interviewers, implementing the data collection plan, data cleaning, quality assurance, analysis and reporting.


A phone-based quantitative study, complemented with qualitative interviews to explore the paths that AGRA’s Village-Based Advisors (VBAs) pursue to turn their role into an income-generating venture.

To that effect, Laterite contacted the entire pool of VBAs in Tanzania (about 5,000 individuals) to assess eligibility and selected 1,244 to take part in the VBA Entrepreneur Phone Survey. In addition, we conducted: a 3-round tracer study with 77 VBAs with new businesses; key informant interviews with 20 VBAs with longstanding businesses to explore their entrepreneurship journey; and key informant interviews with 20 VBAs who followed a business path but were not successful or stopped for some reason, to understand the circumstances of the dropout; and key informant interviews with 20 government extension agents, AGRA officials, and input or aggregator agribusiness representatives in Tanzania.

Laterite was responsible for research design, survey development, data collection, data monitoring, analysis and reporting.