The opportunity to work with a high-performing and diverse team
A youthful and dynamic environment, that constantly focuses on learning and innovation
A company dedicated to ensuring growth and personal development for all its staff
A chance to make a difference on relevant policy and development issues

Our ideal candidates are entrepreneurial and passionate about international development. They have experience in development research, outstanding quantitative analysis skills and/or project management experience, and have demonstrated the ability to take an idea from the design stage through to implementation. Career-track positions require a minimum commitment of two years.

We are committed to ensuring the principle of equal opportunity and we welcome applications from qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds.

Core Team
(Career Track)

Laterite’s full time staff are divided into three teams:

The Research Team is responsible for all the technical and analytic work, from design through to analysis. Team members are recruited from leading international universities and include staff with strong backgrounds in statistics/econometrics, engineering, international development and public policy.

The Quality Team is in charge of designing and putting in place innovative tools and processes to monitor and constantly improve the quality of our work, from how we go about creating research instruments to ensuring we deliver high quality data and research. Members on the Quality Team combine excellent analytic and operational skills. 

The Data Team is responsible for all the complex operations related to data collection, from the very start of a project through to the delivery of a clean dataset. Joining the Data Team requires excellent managerial skills, a strong understanding of research methods, detail orientation and fluency in the local language.

Interview Process

Recruitment for the research team is conducted in five steps. We first screen candidates based on their CV, a cover letter, and a writing sample (an article, paper, thesis, etc). The qualities we look for are: outstanding technical and/or managerial skills, a demonstrated passion for international development, excellent writing skills, evidence of an entrepreneurial incline, a coherent career project, and experience working in developing countries.

Field Team
(Service Providers)

Laterite’s field team is responsible for all data collection activities.

Team members are hired on a per project basis (as service providers) and include enumerators, field coordinators, field supervisors, data auditors, moderators, and translators. Candidates for the field team must have a Bachelors degree, be fluent in English, the local language and have the ability to work effectively in rural and remote areas, often for extended durations of time. Prior experience working on research or other development-related projects is a plus.

Laterite encourages the professional development of the field team team through on-the-job training, project-based training sessions, and regular out-of-project professional development sessions (what we refer to as the Train4skills sessions).


Interview Process

The recruitment process for enumerator and moderator roles is conducted in three steps. We first screen candidates on their CV, cover letters and written samples. What we are looking for is excellent academic credentials (Bachelors degree is a minimum requirement), language skills, relevant professional experience (experience with research is strongly preferred), and particular good writing skills.

HR Operations Associate (Rwanda)

The HR Operations Associate position is based in Kigali, Rwanda. The HR Operations Associate will lead the recruitment process, handle immigration procedures, implement staff time recording system, maintain enumerator and employee database, coordinate registration of new enumerators, support employee growth, support management in developing and implementing policies that improve the working environment, support management with succession planning on all roles as well talent management. 

A detailed TOR and link to the application is available here. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis so we encourage you to apply ASAP.

Research Team Leader (India)

The Research Team Leader position will be based out of Panjim, Goa. Our value proposition is to offer challenging and purposeful research work within a more healthy work environment.

You will participate in Laterite’s Senior Management meetings and have a voice in project selection, corporate strategy, process improvements, and structuring Laterite’s research agenda. You will serve as role model for the team, actively promote our corporate culture and help us as an organization achieve our mission. 

You can find a full description of the position and requirements as well as the application form in the following link

Data Collection Team (Uganda) - Enumerators, Field Supervisors and Data Operations Associate

Laterite is looking for brilliant and highly-motivated young people to assist with our fieldwork activities in Uganda. The position in Kampala, Uganda but project locations will be finalized depending on project area, place of residence and language ability of applicants. 

Enumerators will attend Laterite training sessions, conduct surveys, and collect data using pre-designed data collection instrument. This position is offered on a project-basis. Successful candidates will be added to our database and be contacted based on availability of positions. Enumerators will also benefit from training sessions aimed at improving their professional development.

Positions: Enumerators, Field Supervisors (FS) & Data Operations Associate (DOA)

Duration: On Project-Basis, Project duration varies 2-12 weeks.

Education: Bachelor’s degree related to economics, business, public policy or statistics & related field

Experience: 1-2 years of relevant work experience for Enumerators & FS, 2+ years for DOA.

Languages: English and Luganda or Runyoro; other languages are a plus.

Pre-requisites: Experience in collecting quantitative data, data collection experience using Electronic data collection instruments, strong communication skills and team player


For detailed job decription, click here

Please click here to access the application form. Candidates must complete the form in order for their applications to be considered. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to apply ASAP.