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One of Laterite's ongoing projects with the International Growth Centre and the City of Kigali was recently profiled in a blog post published by the World Policy Institute.

Laterite is currently working to design a study that will take advantage of our new SMS survey tool, conTEXT, to provides high frequency, dynamic data to the City of Kigali on the residents of the city's unplanned settlements.

Understanding these inhabitants, who typically belong to the poorest segment of the urban population, is critical to effectively manage unplanned settlements.

By understanding the ongoing dynamics of unplanned settlers' experiences through real-time, data-driven evidence, City of Kigali policy-makers can better improve policy making directed at informal settlers.

To carry out this study, Laterite will build a representative sample of residents of unplanned settlements in Kigali. Guided by existing data from the Census and the recent RHA Assessment of Informal Settlements, Laterite enumerators will conduct extensive field visits to recruit and build trust among a large group of informal settlers who own mobile phones and agree to take part in the study.

During the recruitment period, we will obtain data on basic demographic characteristics such as household size, average household monthly income and household members’ age, gender, marital status, location, the level of education, occupation and ownership of specific assets.

Once we have established a representative panel of participants, we will conduct a number of mini-surveys using conTEXT to investigate and analyse data in priority research areas for the City of Kigali, which currently includes:

(i) Mobility/Migration patterns and linkages to rural areas within informal settlements

(ii) Structure of rental/tenure agreements and payments

(iii) Access to and cost of state and municipal services (such as sewage, water, garbage collection, etc.)

(iv) Current employment profiles and opportunities of informal settlers

You can read more about it here