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On March 6, together with our partners at Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) and the International Growth Center (IGC),

Laterite launched the Rwanda Research Roundtable (R3), an anti-disciplinary forum for researchers, policymakers and practitioners seeking to advance the research agenda in Rwanda.

Our first R3 event featured discussions about innovative research methods and findings from a diverse group of speakers ranging from independent researchers to leaders in research-oriented international and local organisations. 

The event was hosted at The Office, to which we extend a very big thank you.

R3 seeks to enrich the research community in Rwanda by facilitating discourse on relevant issues and by providing a platform to share the latest findings in a manner that is accessible, interesting and not overly curated.

We envision R3 to be an informal and intellectually stimulating platform for dialogue between members of the research community and a wide range of stakeholders including researchers, policymakers, business leaders, PhD candidates, civil servants, community leaders, and NGO/development partner representatives.