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Innovation for Education is an initiative that aims to test new ideas to improve the quality of education in Rwanda. Civil society and the private sector can apply to receive funding from this DFID-led program to pilot innovative ideas with the potential for scale-up by the Government of Rwanda.

In order to determine whether a pilot has been successful or not and is "scalable", organisations participating in this program need to design an effective evaluation strategy that answers two basic questions:

(i) what impact has the pilot had on education outcomes in the target areas; and

(ii) is it scalable?

These are tricky questions to answer given the complexities involved, the relatively small evaluation budgets, and the tight timelines.


Laterite helped Plan International design an evaluation strategy for their Teacher-Self-Learning-Academy project (which uses iPods to deliver training to teachers) and collect baseline data. We were asked to present some insights about how to design a good evaluation strategy based on this experience and some of the constraints we encountered along the way. Our presentation to organisations participating in the Innovation for Education program is available online.