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MIT's Links 2013 conference was hands down one of the best conferences we've ever attended.

An anti-disciplinary event, with people from many different fields - focusing on themes as diverse as quantifying Shakespearean drama to predicting global epidemic mobility - the conference brought together people interested in networks, design, visualisations, economic complexity and development.

It was also a great opportunity for Laterite to present its work on Proximity Controls (see our paper here) in a new light, focusing on the implications of Proximity Controls for synchrony and time in economics.

You can download our presentation here.

Some remarkable work from other fellow researchers at the conference:

1. A project that maps the inequality of urban perception called Place Pulse (click here to see website and participate in the experiment or here to read the paper)

2. An unbelievable interactive network representation of the links between members of the Royal Society, which sheds light on the trajectory of science (click here to see interactive website)

3. A great tool to view your inbox (if you have Gmail) in a network view and see how your social network changes over time (click here  - you don't need to worry about passwords or anything, etc, it's all very safe!)

4. Great visualisations, the latest based on a digital map of the wind (click here to see the website) 

5. Some impressive tools to map and think about civic media (click here to see the website)


We'd like to extend big thanks to the Macro Connections Team at the MIT Media Lab for making this possible and for inviting us all the way from East Africa! Murakoze, Asante!