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In September 2013, Laterite presented a new book and a paper on Rwanda’s economy on Rwanda’s manufacturing, agribusiness and exports sectors at a conference organised by the International Growth Center. The book is entitled:

“Understanding Rwanda’s Agribusiness and Manufacturing Sectors”. It provides a historic timeline of the development of Rwanda’s manufacturing and agribusiness sectors, maps existing firms along 5 dimensions (ownership structures, products, systems, resources and exports), and profiles 43 leading manufacturing and agribusiness firms.

The paper we presented is entitled: “Understanding Rwanda’s exports sector” and focuses on the dynamics of firms, products and destinations, in particular in the non-commodity exports sector.

Both the book and the paper were prepared for the Learning-to-Compete program, a collaborative effort of the Africa Growth Initiative at the Brookings Institute, and coordinated in Rwanda by the International Growth Center.

The book is now available on and the paper is available here.