Develop exceptional analytical, research and advisory skills, whilst gaining first-hand experience working on priority development challenges and opportunities.

Laterite offers:

  • The opportunity to work with a highly skilled and diverse team of very friendly people
  • A youthful and dynamic environment, that constantly focuses on learning and innovation
  • A company dedicated to ensuring growth and personal development for all its staff
  • A chance to make a difference on relevant policy and development issues

Our ideal candidates are entrepreneurial and passionate about international development. They have experience in development research, outstanding quantitative analysis skills and/or project management experience, and have demonstrated the ability to take an idea from the design stage through to implementation. All current positions are based in Kigali. Career-track positions require a minimum commitment of two years.

We are committed to ensuring the principle of equal opportunity and we welcome applications from qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds.

Recruitment Streams

Core Team (Career Track)

Laterite’s Core team consists of:

The Research Team, responsible for the technical and analytic work. The roles on the research team vary from junior research analyst, through to research associate, senior research associate, project manager, country manager and partner . The Laterite Research Team is recruited from leading international universities and includes staff with strong backgrounds in economics, international development and public policy.

The Data Team, responsible for all operations related to data collection. Roles on the data team include senior field supervisor and manager. Joining the Data Team requires excellent managerial skills, a strong understanding of research methods, detail orientation and fluency in the local language (Kinyarwanda in Rwanda).

Interview Process

Recruitment for the research team is conducted in five steps. We first screen candidates based on their CV, a cover letter, and a writing sample (an article, paper, thesis, etc). The qualities we look for are: outstanding technical and/or managerial skills, a demonstrated passion for international development, excellent writing skills, evidence of an entrepreneurial incline, a coherent career project, and experience working in Africa.

Successful candidates are invited to participate in a series of four interviews. The first three interviews last for about one hour and are case-based. Cases are derived from our actual project work. The interviewer will walk you through the case – a research project – and ask you a number of questions that might relate to the design, implementation, or analysis phase of the project. We are interested in how you think about problems, structure answers, demonstrate your technical skills, and take into account the local context.

To prepare we recommend that you study our project pages, which highlight some of our project work, brush-up your statistics skills, and do some practice case-studies.

The final interview, if you are successful, will focus squarely on personal and professional objectives and motivations. This will help us determine whether you are a good fit for the team, but also more importantly, decide whether Laterite can help you achieve your career objectives and satisfy your intellectual curiosity. With inquiries about research team positions please contact:

Field Team (Service Providers)

Laterite’s field team is responsible for all data collection activities.

Team members are hired on a per project basis (as service providers) and include enumerators, field coordinators, field supervisors, data auditors, moderators, and translators. Candidates for the field team must have a Bachelors degree, be fluent in English, French and Kinyarwanda and have the ability to work effectively in rural and remote areas, often for extended durations of time. Prior experience working on research or other development-related projects is a plus.

Laterite encourages the professional development of the field team team through on-the-job training, project-based training sessions, and regular out-of-project professional development sessions (what we refer to as the Train4skills sessions).

Interview Process

The recruitment process for enumerator and moderator roles is conducted in three steps. We first screen candidates on their CV, cover letters and written samples. What we are looking for is excellent academic credentials (pursuing a BSc degree is a minimum requirement), language skills, relevant professional experience (experience with research is strongly preferred), and particular good writing skills.

Successful candidates will be invited to participate in a one-hour written test. Candidates will be asked to answer a few questions to test their writing skills and critical thinking, and fill in a survey to test their logical reasoning.

Short-listed candidates will then be invited to participate in a 15 minute interview, which will focus on their personal and professional objectives and motivations. This will help us determine whether they are a good fit for the team and whether Laterite can help them achieve their career and personal objectives. Candidates to enumerator role will also be asked to conduct a live mock interview to test their enumerator skills. Candidates to moderator role will participate in a mock focus group discussion to test their ability as a moderator and notes-taker. With inquiries about data team positions please contact

Other ways to engage with Laterite

Join the PhD hub

Laterite works to foster anti-disciplinary research communities in the countries where we operate. Through the PhD hub we seek opportunities to collaborate with PhD students from all over the world who are conducting interesting research in-country. We provide PhD students with a space to work for a minimal fee (including Internet and other office facilities), advice on how to obtain all the required research permits as well as general advice, and discounted field team rates. In exchange we expect PhD students to provide training to our teams on a number of pre-agreed topics, to provide advice and creative ideas for Laterite Lab projects, and to engage with R3, a quarterly research event that Laterite organizes together with Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) and the International Growth Center (IGC).  We always welcome open applications at Please send us a CV, a motivation letter, a short description of your research project and a list of topics you can provide training on.

Become a Laterite Fellow

In-country fellowships offer the opportunity to gain experience running a research study from design to analysis. This is an excellent opportunity for  graduate students with an economics background and a keen interest in improving their development research skills. Working as a fellow for Laterite for a period of time, can also provide prospective PhD students with new ideas for their dissertation and improve their research credentials. Our fellows are provided with a monthly stipend to cover basic costs. In the past we have had summer fellows from the MPA/ID program at the Harvard Kennedy School, University of Cape Town and Georgetown University. We always welcome open applications at Please send us a CV, a motivation letter and a written sample from a research project you have worked on in the past.