Our Mission

Our mission is to deploy the most innovative research methods to design effective responses to development issues.

Development research is evolving rapidly, embracing new methodologies and technologies. Incorporating these latest innovations in our project work, tailoring them to the local context and introducing them to our clients motivates us. These innovations include new ways of collecting, analysing and thinking about data, be it new program evaluation techniques, behavioural games, network theory, story signification, image processing, etc. By providing these services locally, in the countries where we work, our aim is also to ensure that funding for large scale research projects stays in-country and that local researchers are given the chance to develop their analytical skills through work that would otherwise have been conducted externally.

Who we are

Laterite is led by a team of young entrepreneurial professionals who see the opportunity to transform the way research is done.

Laterite currently has a core team of over 20 staff and works with a team of over 200 trained enumerators.  Staff on the core team have degrees from some of the world’s top universities, including Harvard University, Columbia University, University of California – Berkeley, London School of Economics, Johns Hopkins and Sciences Po with vast experience working on development research projects in countries such as Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Angola, Djibouti, South Sudan, Indonesia, Colombia, Guatemala, Canada and the US. Our data collection teams are recruited and trained from the best local universities in the countries where we operate.

Where we work

Laterite currently operates in Rwanda and Ethiopia and is in the process of expanding its regional network of offices

Laterite was established in Kigali in late 2010. The company has grown its presence locally and is now in the process of expanding regionally. Laterite opened offices in Ethiopia in Feburary 2016. Our philosophy is that it is very important to understand the local context in order to give the best possible advice and to design the most effective responses to development challenges. As such, Laterite does not embrace the fly-in fly-out model and conducts the vast majority of its work in the countries where it has an established presence. Our objective is not only to continuously learn about the countries we work in, but also to contribute to local knowledge creation.

Our staff

Our clients