Laterite implements quantitative and qualitative data collection projects using the latest available methodologies and tools. We provide experienced teams, electronic equipment and robust processes to ensure the best possible quality.

Our services include:

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    Surveys with electronic data collection

    Quantitative data collection is conducted using cutting-edge electronic data collection equiment (tablets). From the training of the data team, to the piloting of research instruments, preparing survey logistics, programming the tablets, field supervision, data quality back-checks, implementing ethical standards, sound accounting, insurance coverage and complying to in-country legal requirements, Laterite puts a lot of emphasis on ensuring robust data collection processes. Laterite has conducted  large-scale surveys in multiple sectors, including the agriculture, education, gender, labour, social protection, finance, poverty (income / consumption) and telecom sectors. These surveys have included prevalence studies, program evaluations, behavioural games and market research surveys.

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    Programming research instruments

    Laterite’s research and data teams have extensive experience programming complex surveys onto ODK platforms, such as SurveyCTO and FormHub. These enable the programming of very flexible surveys, with complicated skip patterns and multi-media. These tools also offer excellent audit functions, including capturing the time and location of the interviews, the duration of each question, and even random audio-recordings of selected interviews.

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    Qualitative data collection

    Laterite has a team of trained moderators and facilitators that lead qualitative research projects, including conducting key informant interviews, semi-structured interviews, and focus group discussions in Kinyarwanda (Rwanda). Laterite also has experience deploying innovative qualitative research methods, such as SenseMaker®, which enables interviewees to self-signify or to “make sense” of their own micro-narratives/stories.
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    Behavioural research/games

    Laterite supports researchers to run behavioural research/games or related experiments in the field, supporting our clients with trained teams, electronic data collection equipment, and robust systems to manage field logistics. Laterite is continuously expanding its capabilities in this area.
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    Data processing and cleaning

    Even if electronically collected, raw data often come with  inconsistences. Our skilled research analysts ensure that all options are well coded, outliers removed, variables and options within them correctly labelled, open questions translated from Kinyarwana, and the dataset re-shaped or re-organized so that variables match the structure of the survey.  All data will be delivered to the client ready to use, cleaned and labelled in Stata/SPSS and excel formats.

Electronic Data Collection

Laterite uses Google Android Tablets for data collection. Our team specializes in the coding of surveys into electronic platforms/tablets working with the Survey CTO and Form-Hub platforms. These enable the programming of very flexible surveys, with complicated skip patterns if required, multi-media, and excellent audit functions.

Trained data collection team

Laterite works with a network of over 100 enumerators, field coordinators, moderators and translators, trained by Laterite and with experience working on multiple research projects with Laterite. The enumerators Laterite works with are selected through a competitive process and all have at least a Bachelors degree from a leading local University.

Rigorous data quality

We employ a rigorous approach to data quality, including using in-build data quality checks via survey programming, always auditing at least 10% of the sample and most important of all ensuring intensive enumerator training.

The required infrastructure

Laterite provides all the required infrastructure, logistics and management oversight to conduct large scale surveys. We train our research teams, coordinate with authorities to obtain the required approvals, organize field logistics and transport, manage data quality and control processes, maintain sound accounting practices, and ensure we have the required insurance policies.

Field preparation

We minimize attrition and ensure smooth data collection processes by conducting extensive field preparation, informing local authorities of our survey and recruiting and confirming survey participants in advance of data collection. Field preparation makes a very big difference to the quality of field work.

Ethical research protocols

Laterite has strict guidelines on conducting interviews with survey participants, which are reinforced during our training sessions. Our team has experience conducting interviews on sensitive topics and are well-versed interviewing children and adults alike.